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A word about the work

Welcome to the website of pianist, composer, producer and musical director Chris Német. Chris is offering musical concepts and their realization from the initial idea to the finished product. When it comes to creation of music and musical concepts such as for theater, variety, film or corporate productions, there's often team play needed. This is why most of the time Chris is working with a group of professionals, considering all steps needed for a complete production like casting the right musicians, organizing and directing rehearsals, collaboration with directors, and of course composing, arranging etc...

If music needs to be produced in the studio, e.g. stage music for live acts, film music or the production of whole albums, we work in our own music studio. If needed, we collaborate with a selection of larger recording studios, the ones we know and trust since many years. Like that things move forward in the most efficient way.

If you need musical ideas and concepts, or if you want to take your musical ideas to the next step, feel free to get in touch with Chris any time.

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Recent Production
Europa-Park Junior Club


The "Europa-Park", Germany's leading theme park, is lounching a new campaign for kids called "Junior Club". The learning and gaming platform is presented by popular German host Benedikt Weber. Creative Unit/Chris Német have provided the complete music design. Agency: Mack Media; Production: Creative Unit

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About Chris

Chris Német was born in Apatin, Yugoslavia. He started piano lessons at the age of seven, first with Jelena Hrubian, later with pianist and conductor Velimir Valtchev. Having enjoyed a strong classical formation with Bach, Chopin, Beethoven, etc..., he started showing great interest in Jazz. At the age of 18 he began to study jazz-piano at the University of Cologne, Germany. After graduating he toured as a sideman in several jazz combos through europe and has worked with Jimmy Woode, Charly Antolini, and Charly Mariano, just to name a few.

His occupation as a studio musician and involvement in productions with many different music styles, led him to explore the creative work behind the performance. Thus began his work as a composer and producer.

One of his first successful projects was the Album "Coffee Lounge" that was released worldwide by Sony Music. Smaller independant productions were soon followed by collaborations with big labels and publishers such as Warner Chappell, BMG or Sony Music as well as compositions for TV and theatre productions. Therby he worked for international artists from throughout Europe, South Africa, and North America as composer, producer, pianist but also as an arranger for symphonic orchestras like the Filmorchestra Babelsberg / Berlin, or the Warsaw Symphony Orchestra.

Today Chris' work can be heard on over 50 records and various TV, film, theater and variety show productions worldwide. His work comprises a wide range of styles, from jazz to classical music, from symphonic arrangements to electronic scores.


  • Julian Heidenreich - The Secular Proof
  • Thomas Anders - Songs Forever
  • Rafik Schami - Sie liebt ausgerechnet Bobo
  • Redwood - From Butterflies And Hurricanes
  • Coffee Lounge
  • Franz Hohler - Das Kleine Orchester
  • Sandra Klinkhammer - Engelszungen
  • Helga M. Novak - Liebesbriefe
  • Grimm Brothers - Vol. 2
  • Julio Cortàzar - Der Verfolger
  • Piano Vocal - Keep On Running
  • H.C. Andersen - Vol. 1
  • T.J. Bless - Oneness
  • Wilhelm Hauff - Kalif Storch
  • Gigi Moto - Lucky
  • Grimm Brothers - Vol. 1
  • Blassportgruppe - Steil


The Secular Proof

Julian Heidenreich, "The Secular Proof"

Genre: pop music, Germany
Credit: performer

Musicians: Julian Heidenreich (voc, guit),
Tobias Meinen (b), Chris Német (p),
Benno Kaiser (dr)

Production: Tobias Meinen and André Horstmann
Publishing: Warner Chappell


  • Meine Schwester Helena
  • Herzensbrecher
  • Miles Davis
  • Palais Im Park
  • Weihnachtsgeister
  • Brandstetter&Schmidt


Meine Schwester Helena


Genre: Thatre
Credit: Composer, Producer

Director: Caroline Richards
Visuals: Giovanni Gökler
Choreographer: Valentin "Knuffelbunt" Alfery
Production: Kleines Theater Salzburg, Austria


  • Hoelderlin
  • Hex vom Dasenstein
  • Rita Ernst
  • Hipp



Genre: documentary
Credit: composer / producer

Directors: Micaela Lämmle, Rolf Pflücke
Production: 3SAT, SWR, Germany



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